What You Didn’t Know About Electricians

What You Didn’t Know About Electricians

Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

In the Unites States, there are over 600,000 electricians in employment, most of them being employed in California, Texas and New York. Although there are so many electricians in the country that we rely on daily to fix electrical problems, there are also so many things about these electricians that most people don’t know.

Most Electricians Need To Pass A Color Test

When it comes to working with electricity and wiring, being able to clearly see colors is extremely crucial. There are many instances in which you need to see the color of a wire to know what its function is and whether or not it’s the wire you’re looking to cut or remove. If an electrician does not clearly see the color of a wire and accidentally cuts or removes the wrong one, it can become an extremely dangerous and potentially fatal situation.

Electricians Require A Broad Range Of Skills

In order to be a good electrician, you need to know a ton of important skills and being an electrician is more than just understanding wiring. As an electrician you need to know how to work and understand blueprints of homes to navigate the electrical systems, use tools properly and safely, think logically and work with their customers. If you’re the most qualified electrician around but don’t know how to interact with your customers, it will reflect poorly on your business. Electricians should also be able to handle high stress situations and be comfortable occasionally working in some unpleasant conditions.

Electricians Make More Money Than You Think

A well qualified ‘Personal and Household Goods Repair and Maintenance’ electrician can make up to $98,130 per year depending on the state they work in. This annual wage will also differ for different areas of electrical specialty. While this number is on the higher end of the wage scale, it just goes to show the possibility available for electricians.

Local, State & Federal Codes Must Be Practiced

As an electrician, knowing the electrical codes and staying up to date with them on your projects is important but not as important as practicing them. If a code changes and is no longer done the way your electrician learned how to do it, this electrician must practice these new skills to ensure their customers that it can be done safely and properly. Practice makes perfect and when it comes to wiring and electrical, doing it perfectly is pretty crucial.

There Are Many Different Areas Of Specialty

Electrician’ is sort of an umbrella term for all the areas of specialty that an electrician can pursue. From ship and boat electricians to natural gas distribution electricians, there are many avenues that can be taken. Each specialty will be different in the projects done, the people you work with, the money you make, and even the job demand. If becoming an electrician, these differences should be analyzed so that you can choose the best specialty for you.

Electricians Put Their Lives At Risk Daily

Everyday when electricians go to work, they are putting their lives in danger. Working with electricity and wiring, if done improperly can be a fatal task. This is an occupation in which safety is the most important part of your job everyday. Electricians are putting themselves at risk of electrical shock which can cause serious and even fatal injuries for electricians.

Some Celebrities Were Electricians Before They Got Their Big Break

Believe it or not, but there are some famous people who were electricians or were in the process of becoming electricians back in the day before they became famous. Rowan Atkinson the actor, George Harrison from the Beatles, Alfred Hitchcock and Elvis Presley were all electricians (or in training to become electricians)! Although the profession didn’t work out for them, we’re sure glad they didn’t!

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