Know When to Call an Emergency Electrician

Situations In Which An Emergency Electrician Should Be Called
While many electrical problems are dangerous, some are more urgent and require an electrician immediately. With the ability for home electrical problems to become house fires or other dangerous situations, it is imperative to know when to call an emergency electrician.
If Something Falls On An Electrical Box Or Meter
In unpredictable weather conditions,…

Should You Install Hardwired Smoke Alarms in Your Home?

Reasons Why You Should Install Hardwired Smoke Alarms
One of the most important electrical fixtures in our homes is the smoke alarm – making sure that these are always working properly is very important. Standard battery operated smoke alarms are becoming less reliable making them an unsafe option for your home. In fires in which the smoke alarms were present but did…

Why You Need an Emergency Generator

Emergency Generators Can Help You
Storms can be unpredictable and a power outage can be extremely inconvenient. During a blackout, not having a fridge, lights, heaters, air conditioners, and other important appliances can be problematic but is something that can be avoided by installing a residential backup generator. Having an electrician install one of these emergency generators can be very beneficial…

Why You Should Become an Electrician

Reasoning for Becoming an Electrician
With graduation season among us, high school graduates are facing the decision of what to do next. They are deciding whether or not to go to college, take a gap year, etc. While often overlooked, trades such as electrical work are very enticing occupations. Here are some reasons to consider becoming an electrician:
Salary And Job Demand

Why You Should Hire a Licensed Electrician

Hiring a Licensed Electrician for Your Home
With DIY projects becoming more and more popular, people tend to feel like they can do any home projects themselves. When it comes to home electrical work, this is not the case! Hiring a licensed electrician is extremely important and should be done when doing any projects involving the electric in your home. By…

What You Need to Know About Ceiling Fans

Helpful Facts About Ceiling Fans
Interested in having one of our electricians install a ceiling fan in your home? Read this blog to learn more about ceiling fans before making a final decision.
The Direction the Fan is Spinning Matters
Depending on the season, the direction your fan is spinning actually makes a difference. In the winter change your fan direction to clockwise at…

6 Outlets That Can Be Installed in Your Home

Different Types of Outlets for Your Home
There are many different types of outlets that can be installed in your home and they all have different beneficial features. It is important to make sure that your home is equipped with the right outlets for your electrical needs. When switching types of outlets, it is essential to call a licensed electrician to…

6 Ways to Cut Energy Costs at Home this Summer

Being More Energy Efficient This Summer
Saving energy and money are very important to people these days, especially during the summer when your AC is running your electric bill through the roof. Cutting costs at home can be extremely effective and also easy to implement. By making some small changes and being more conscious about the amount of power you’re using,…

Outdoor Electrical Safety Tips for the Summer

Be Safe This Summer with Your Outdoor Electric
With the official start of summer just around the corner, it’s important to remember to stay safe while using electronics outdoors. The use of outdoor electrical equipment can become a hazard especially during the summer months due to wet weather conditions and the fact that your outdoor outlets and electrical systems have not…

When is the Right Time to Get a Service Upgrade?

Knowing When You Should Upgrade Your Services
Depending on when your home was built, it may be time for you to look into getting a service upgrade done. In older homes, the standard household power was around 60 amps. In today’s world, with all the electronics we use on a daily basis, this has increased in newer homes to up to…