Why is My Circuit Breaker Tripping?

Reasons Why Your Circuit Breaker Is Tripping
Your circuit breaker may have tripped and you didn’t even know because you don’t know what it means for a circuit breaker to trip. A circuit breaker simply keeps an eye on a circuit or a set of circuits in your home. The circuit breaker monitors the flow of current to the circuits and…

Why You Need an Electrical Inspection

Reasons For Your Electrical Inspection For Your Home
Often times, people only think to have an electrical inspection when they are selling their home or doing major work on their home. Since electrical inspections are electrical safety precautions, they should be done more often than just when you’re selling your home or doing construction. Our electrical systems are critical and are…

Power Tools and Your Electric

Electrical Power For Your Power Tools
As the summer months continue, your home to do list is probably getting longer with projects to make your home and yard the most efficient for the season. Home projects also usually mean the use of some power tools. It’s important to know that these power tools actually suck up a lot of electricity when…

What Do Electrical Inspectors Look For?

Know What Electrical Inspectors Search For In Your Home
When you are getting your home inspected by an electrical inspector, do you know what they are really looking for? It is important to know what exactly they are inspecting so that you can ensure your home is safe and will pass the electrical inspection. You should get an electrical inspection if…

4 Common Electrical Hazards to Avoid

How to Avoid Electrical Hazards
With electricity everywhere; in our homes, cars, workplaces, etc. and our heightened reliance on electricity, it is valuable to learn and remember the importance of electrical safety. Electrical hazards can cause shocks, electrocutions, fires, and other serious injuries. Although electricity can be extremely hazardous, these dangers can be easily avoided and prevented by being aware of…

The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

Being Prepared for the Effects of Carbon Monoxide
Carbon monoxide is commonly known as the silent killer. It is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas making it very difficult to detect when there is a leak in your home. Is displaces oxygen in the blood and therefore deprives your brain and body from the oxygen it needs to function properly. This…

What You Didn’t Know About Electricians

Facts You Probably Didn’t Know
In the Unites States, there are over 600,000 electricians in employment, most of them being employed in California, Texas and New York. Although there are so many electricians in the country that we rely on daily to fix electrical problems, there are also so many things about these electricians that most people don’t know.
Most Electricians…

Solar Panels: Why They’re Worth It

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels:
In the past few years, the home installation of solar panels has increased drastically in the United States. People have begun to recognize the benefits of using solar energy and have sought out ways to reap these benefits in their own homes. Home solar panels and the systems that run them can be bought by consumers…

Everything You Need to Know About GFCI Outlets

Installing GFCI Outlets for Your Home
The term GFCI is a term thrown around often from electricians but do you actually know what it means and what the purpose of having GFCI outlets installed is? First of all, GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter and these types of outlets are used in order to protect people from electrical shock/ electrocution.


Know When to Call an Emergency Electrician

Situations In Which An Emergency Electrician Should Be Called
While many electrical problems are dangerous, some are more urgent and require an electrician immediately. With the ability for home electrical problems to become house fires or other dangerous situations, it is imperative to know when to call an emergency electrician.
If Something Falls On An Electrical Box Or Meter
In unpredictable weather conditions,…