Commercial & Industrial

For our commercial and industrial clients

Commercial & Industrial

Power requirements for office and industrial facilities and work areas have increased substantially over the past few years. We have adapted to these new market conditions and provide clients the latest in technology and wiring to help you manage the increase in requirements for today and tomorrow.

Let’s face it: the times are rapidly changing. Just five years ago there was no need for USB charging outlets or desks equipped with electrical outlets. Today the demand for technology in the workplace is greater than ever and, in order for your employees to have a competitive edge you need to keep pace.


At Popkin Electric, we are able to handle large technical projects reliably and efficiently. Contact us so we can help your company grow.

Some of the commercial services we offer include:

  • New Office Lighting Systems
  • New Office Power Systems
  • Power Wiring for Motors & Industrial Processes
  • Control Systems designed and wired
  • Turn-key Generator Systems
  • Underground Services
  • Site Lighting installed and repaired