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An Electric Service Upgrade Bring Your Service Panel Up To Speed With The Needs Of Today’s Power Demands.

Most Hicksville NY homes were built more than 35 years ago, which means their electrical systems were not designed for today's electrical demands. As a result, upgrading your electric service is not just desirable, but also necessary for your safety. In addition to being inconvenient for homeowners with flickering lights, tripping breakers, and a lack of outlets to accommodate too many modern appliances, an outdated home electrical system can even be dangerous.
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Popkin Electric should be contacted right away if your home has any of the following problems:

  • When we turn on a major appliance, the lights flicker constantly
  • Fuse blows and circuit breakers trip frequently
  • Overheating occurs in the electric panel
  • You definitely need to upgrade your electric panel if it is a Zinsco, Federal Pacific, I-T-E Pushmatic, or GTE/Sylvania brand. There were severe safety defects on these panels a few years ago, which led to their recall.
  • You use a lot of extension cords because you don't have enough outlets to power all your appliances.
  • Two-pronged outlets are commonly found in your home (3-pronged GFCI outlets are required in new construction to prevent people from being shocked).

Electric Service Upgrades 

Electrical service upgrades are complex jobs that require an experienced electrician for safety and quality reasons. Most homes today have 200 amps of electrical service, which is the standard. It may, however, be necessary to upgrade to 400 amps or more to keep your home up to date.

You can ensure consistent electricity service for your home or business with an updated electrical panel. In addition, it can be expanded in the future. 


I hired Popkin Electric because I had to redo the work of a cheaper company that I found in the pennysaver. When Popkin came over they redid all of the work . It was a night and day difference from the other company. The work looks neat and professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
John Bostone
Andrew takes pride in what he does. His professionalism and expertise are appreciated. His staff is terrific and they represent his company well. With something as important as electric, call a pro like Popkin and Sons; the work will be done right, safely, and every dollar spent is well worth it. We've been using Popkin Electric for well over 10 years at our home, for a variety of work....I highly recommend the company!
Eric J
Andrew Popkin really knows his work. One wall of our kitchen lost all power. I tried resetting breakers in the main panel, but nothing worked. I talked to Andrew on the phone and I sent him a photo of my two breaker panels -- none of the switches were labeled. He took one look and told me exactly which one to reset. "I"ll bet you ten dollars that just fixed your problem," he said. Sure enough, the lights, toaster, and microwave were working again. No charge! Many thanks, Andrew Popkin! I"ll call you again for bigger jobs when we're ready to do them.
Valerie C
Thank You Popkin for outstanding service. Ellis and his worker were friendly, efficient and provided outstanding service. They advised us to upgrade panels, something we knew that had be done, and did it within days at a reasonable price. Ellis was patient with all our request for additional outlets. Thank you again.
Alida Rizzo

For quality electrical and wiring service make Popkin Electric your electrical contractor.

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